We have selected some of the most frequently asked questions that you would do when browsing Papapgayo Fishing. Any other questions you need to ask, just contact us by email and we will be happy to help with your doubts.

Every Sportfishing charter in Papagayo starts at 7:30am and we come back depending the charter that you are doing. If it is full day 8hrs, you return at. 3:30pm. If 3/4 day 6hrs, you return 1:30pm. If 1/2 day, you return by noon.
Experience from our clients who have been fishing, can say that they have been able to ship it back home. I think if it is frozen and packed safely you could do it.
We do Sport fishing in Papagayo, Surf trips to withch's Rock and Ollie's Point, snorkeling tour, sunset tour, transfer. For detalied information, just contact us.
There are many different fishing spots: Gulf of Papagayo, Bat Islands, Catalinas island, offshore, inshore: From 10 minutes boat ride to the first place for roosterfishing to 1:00hr boat ride for deep sea fishing.
The boats & Rates indicate a maximum number of people who can approach it and the prices are established per boat and not for person, its price includes up to a maximum of 10 px according to the size of the boat that will range from 1px.
It is very important for us that you contact us 2 or 3 days before, to confirm your fishing charter. If we cancel the charter due to unsafe boating or bad weather conditions, we let you know on time and change the charter for another day or refund deposit.
It is required from $100 or more for deposit, it will depends on the size of the boat, there are different forms of payment. PayPal, Form for card information, you can also send us your information of the card via e-mail, also you can give us call for that information any time.
It is important that you dress accordingly to the fishing conditions. Our charters include all necessary for a fishing charter when booked, however we have a few tips of what to carry with you on the boat. Sunscreen, hat, sunglasses, camera, shoes are optional, clothes to protect from the sun.
The fishing license is optional, it is controlled by the Coast Guard, they are not usually under surveillance. We recommend to bring cash on the boat on case that you need to buy them from the Coast Guard. They are $15 each, for a week.
For your comfort and privacy all our boats are provided onboard with stocked coolers with fruit, soft drinks, cold beer, snacks & lunch on a full day fishing! Also, all boats are provided with fishing rods, bait and lures, plus a mate to assist you in the catch, release or cleaning your fish to go. Every boat is provided with a toilet onboard.
If you have already your fishing reservation with us, you don't need to drive to us! Papagayo Fishing can pick you up at the beach from your resort, so, if you are staying at a private village or hotel, we will coordinate with you the pick up time by boat at the nearest beach to you when it be possible, just contact us by e-mail or give us a call, we know, not even the web can explain everything about Sportfshing.