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Papagayo offshore fishing
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Papagayo deep sea fishing charters

Going Offshore!

Let yourself be taken on a trip of exciting offshore fishing and adventures in search of the biggest fish to catch and keep good and nice memories of the Gulf of Papagayo in Guanacaste! about 20 miles from the coast, to find one or two of 500 to 700 pounds marlin between sailfish, yellowfin and mahi mahi, the action is just beginning!

Without having to make a long ride, as soon as you reach 200ft, about 12 miles away from the coast we can start trolliing for biilfish, since the billfish even in shallow waters makes its incursion into the Gulf of Papagayo in search of bait fish like little mahi and bonitas baits that are plentiful in the Gulf of Papagayo Fishing, special bait fish to catch any kind of fish.

Papagayo offshore fishing

Weather Conditions

Typical conditions throughout the year, whether calm or windy but the action is at any time in offshore fishing papagayo.
Deep sea fishing will not depends on the atmospheric conditions given in the region of Guanacaste since the billfishing is present all year around with the impediment only of the high winds that in summer common to deal with day by day until for a week with intervals of up to 10 days of calm waters, but the effort is worthit for a beast of 600 pounds.

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Guanacaste offshore fishing

Guanacaste ofshore fishing

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