Type of Fish in the Pacific Coast Costa Rica

These are the fish that we catch all year around in the waters of North Pacific Costa Rica - Papagayo Fishing

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Cubera Snapper - Pargo Comillon

It is a fish that grows to a large size in the waters of the Gulf of Papagayo, as up to 200 pounds, its habitat is both in deep waters of 300 feet to the shores since when it is being caught by the roosterfish, it is also opportune Capturing some of them, being still small at 10 pounds is a good eating fish. This is a very territorial species that has its place in rock caves.

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Mahi mahi - Dorado

We make reference to the species given the Gulf of Papagayo, one of them is the mahi mahi.
This is a species of season, they come to mate and spawn in the months of winter and grow in only 6 months, they reach the size of up to 4 feet, with a weight of 40 pounds, their fast growth is due to the abundance of food dragged by the ocean currents that cross the Gulf of Papagayo from South to North.
They like the warm waters and clean as the sailfish. This is a good eating fish. Its favor food is the balihoo.

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Roosterfish - Pez Gallo

This species occurs throughout the year in shallow waters and the best water conditions are turbid and warm, its favorite food is black tuna - Bonitas.
Rooster is popular as a good fight fish, but are not considered a good species to eat, catch and release is strongly recommended for the all anglers and make sure preserve the species. The average size can reach over (4ft and more) in length and over (110pds).

This species abounds in the Gulf of Papagayo North Pacific Costa Rica.

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Pez Marlin

The Black Marlin from the Gulf of Papagayo, in relation with the sailfishis diferencied by its size and the sail, it is a species of large size and weight, also gives a great fight as 4 hrs when it is hooked, its favorite food is the balihoo and bonitas baitfish, it is a fish from deep ocean.
The marlin reaches a maximum weight of about 1,300 pounds, they like to swim in clean and deep waters, with respect to the Gulf of Papagayo, at the months of winter they enter in flat water as up to 30 feet with optimal conditions of temperature and clarity in search of small dorados that abound in the gulf by the winter months and fishing turns in good action on inshore Papagayo.

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Sailfish - Pez Vela

The sailfish from the Gulf of Papagayo, is a species of large size, weight reaches up to 200 pounds at most. It is a species that gives great fight when it is hooked, its favorite food is the balihoo and small bonitas baitfish. With respect to the Gulf of Papagayo, they enter on flat water in search of food on 50 feet with optimal conditions of temperature and clarity and they stay for few months in the shores of the Gulf of Papagayo.

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The Yellowfin Tuna

Yellowfin tuna is found in the open waters of tropical and subtropical seas all over the world. Its size can reach up to 8 feet with a gross weight of 700 pounds in its best sizes. Papagayo is not the exception with respect to yellowfin tuna, although there are no giant sizes, but if 80-pound specimens are caught in the outskirts of the gulf, they can be caught in sizes as large as 40 pounds. This is a migratory specie that cross the oceans of the world and like cleaner water than turbid water. Yellowfin eat other fish, squid and crustaceans.

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Red Snapper

In the Gulf of Papagayo, fishing spots abound as a rocky bottom that are attractive places for red snapper, this is a species desired by the artisanal fishermen with whom they make their daily and monthly budget and in its preference are those from 2 to 5 pounds of weight that is first quality.
Also with regard to sport fishing, it is practiced as bottom fishing and is a great attraction but there are always good sized ones like 12 pounds in some months, but they are mostly small due to their over-exploitation.
The red snapper of bigger size is in the months of March and April (Summer), this activity is accelerated with the arrival of the oily sardine, of good taste for snapper in the Gulf of Papagayo and the entire Pacific coast of Costa Rica.

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Skipjack tuna - Bonita - barrilete

This type of fish, usually known as bonito(a), belongs to the group of tunas, this species is abundant in the Gulf of Papagayo throughout the year and is stocked with small sardines. This black tuna as it is also known serves as special bait for many other types of fish which include sailfish and roosterfish using it as live bait or butterfly when it die.
It is also a form of Sportfishing with Light tacle to enjoy their resistance when fighting. Its weight usually does not reach 10 pounds.

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Hamberjack - Ojaran

Hamberjack is a territorial fish of the waters of the Pacific of Costa Rica, is a specimen that grows up to about 200 pounds of weight, it lives on a rocky bottom and feeds on small fish. When you are fishing for the roosterfish, there is also the opportunity to fish them, since the same bait is used as for the roosterfish, with very good meat to eat better even when it is juvenile.

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Grouper - Cabrilla

Its habitat is deep in the ocean from 100 feet to 500 feet deep, is also a fish who like cold water and meat is very good to eat, arrive to the shores of the Gulf of Papagayo in search of warmer waters when the water is too cold in depths.

We do bottom fishing for grouper in summer time from Jan. to March, its weight reaches up to 150 pounds, its food is small fish, crustaceans, squid and others animals from the seabed.

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See Bass - Robalo

The snook is a territorial fish, it is found on the banks of the rivers and beaches, this is a white meat fish and very good eating, so its approximate weight is about 6pounds. It is voracious at lunchtime and its diet of crustaceans is mainly of worms, small fish, sea urchins and other marine creatures. The best way to fish in Papagayo is from the shore or from a boat with light fishing tacle as spinning rod.

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The wahoo is the type of fish that occurs throughout the Gulf of Papagayo, it is a winter seasonal fish since in those months the best conditions of water and temperature are presented. In the months of June and July is when they are in pairs and when more are sighted on the Pacific coast, are also in deep sea, their size and weight vary up to 5 feet and weighing 60 pounds, their speed reach up to 40 miles, Its favorite food is small fish.
In Papagayo fishing we do fishing for wahoo with rapalas using wire as a lider line, normally when we do fishing for roosterfish roosterfishing they chase our bait fish and cut the lines.